Why Us

Why Buy Through Us

At Love a Preloved, we have an extensive knowledge of the luxury fashion market and are passionate about a more sustainable future.

Many of the super brands put their prices up on a regular basis and if you have a love for designer items, then these brands are not always to everyone's budget. Instead of buying new, you can buy a designer item, pre-loved, and still in excellent condition, sometimes even new for a fraction of the price they would have been new.

We have a range of items on our site in a price bracket to suit your budget.

You can guarantee an impeccable, friendly service when buying through Love a Preloved!

Support circular fashion and a sustainable future, think pre-loved!

Why Sell Through Us

Here at Love A Preloved, we take the hassle and risk out of the equation when it comes to selling your pre-loved designer items, giving you time back for the things you want to do.

We deal with all aspects of selling your pre-loved items from fully marketing, questions potential buyers may have to ensuring your item gets to the buyer safely.

All you need to do is contact us with photos and a little information about your item you have to sell, and we will then get back to you with a consignment quote.

Find out more about selling though Love A Preloved here

You can guarantee an impeccable, friendly service when selling through us!