Shopping preloved is the trend you will want to stick with.

Once upon a time, shopping second hand wasn't top of everyone's minds, with second hand fashion often seen as second place to purchasing something brand new, in a beautifully presented shop. Well thankfully, those days have passed and the idea of picking up a second hand gem brings joy and excitement. You can save money, find something unique and lower your impact on the environment. Read on for more reasons why we should all be shopping preloved.

The Financial Benefits: 
Shopping preloved will save you money, as the items will cost much less than buying brand new. Even though these items are cheaper, it doesn't mean they will be in bad condition. At Love A Preloved, we often have items come to us that have never been used and with the original tags still attached. 

The Feel Good Factor: 
Avoid fast fashion and reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing items that otherwise would have ended up in landfill. 

The Choice: 
From charity shops in your local high street, to online consignment stores, there are so many preloved items available to choose from.  You could find items from previous discontinued stock or a rare vintage piece. 

Shopping Preloved is Easier than ever: 
Online consignment stores are open 24 hours a day and allow you to browse items without having to spend hours searching for what you want. 

Start your preloved shopping today -  check out the amazing items we have in stock. 


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