Five Minutes With Home Organiser, Victoria Fearnley

In the first of our series of guest blog posts, we are joined by Home Organising expert, Victoria Fearnley who runs the award-winning company, 
Surrey Decluttering.

As we start a new year, many of us look to make improvements to our home and decluttering our wardrobes is a great place to start. In this blog post, Victoria shares the reasons why we should organise our space and explains the celebrity home she would most like to organise.

So lets get started, but be warned, you will want to declutter your home immediately!

Tell us a little about Surrey Decluttering and what got you into home organising?

Simply put, Surrey Decluttering helps overwhelmed clients remove clutter that has built up in their homes to restore order and create a better functioning household.

It’s currently a one-woman band and it all started 3 years ago when I decided to change direction in life (after a 20-year long career in R&D). I have always been organised and liked putting things in order, so when I realised professional home organising was a thing, I was so excited. Helping others is another reason why I love what I do - it’s so rewarding.

Can you briefly explain the importance of decluttering and organising, and the benefits it provides?

Four words: Clear space, clear mind! Decluttering has so many physical benefits (like saving space, time & money) but the main one for me is the mental impact. I have had clients who have cried with relief once we get started. Often people become so overwhelmed that they can’t even get started or finish a job they start and having someone like me to help is like having your own expert Personal Trainer, motivating them & ensuring the job gets done.

Focusing on wardrobes and organising clothes and accessories, what are some common challenges people face when trying to organise these items, and how do you address these challenges in your decluttering process?

Most women just have too many clothes (or shoes or handbags - or all of the above!) First step is to sort like with like. Empty your wardrobe of all your trousers for example. Then separate into categories (e.g. jeans, work wear & casual). Seeing the amount of a particular pile (in relation to the space you have) might instigate a cull. Perhaps you need to sort by colour first too, depending on how big your piles are! Then store like with like (all your black jeans together etc) in the best possible way for you. I like sorting by category of clothes first (cardigans in one section, blouses in another) and then by colour. However, I always ask my clients how they approach choosing what to wear first, before deciding the best way to store their clothes.

How do you recommend storing designer clothing and accessories to maintain the quality and increase its resale value?

Keep the labels on until you actually intend to use the garment. If you change your mind about wearing it (& if it’s after the return period) you will get more for it if it has a label. Also, keep accessories in the original box/case/bag and hang on to any other additional items that came with the purchase (e.g. spare handbag straps etc).

Are there any sustainable practices you incorporate into your decluttering process, especially when dealing with designer items that have a longer lifecycle? (do you encourage your clients to sell via a consignment company, donate etc)

Absolutely, while some clients are happy to donate unwanted items (designer makes or not) to charity shops, others want to recoup some of the money they’ve spent. For clients with no/little time to sell it themselves, I recommend using local companies specialising in selling pre-loved clothing - just like you do! 

Are there any specialised tools or products that you often recommend for organising and storing designer clothes and accessories, such as specific hangers, storage containers, or preservation methods?

My recommendations are always dependent on each client’s personal wardrobe/chest of drawers “set-up”. Personally, I love thin, velvet hangers. They take less space and keep your clothes in place while hanging too. Dry cleaning metal wire hangers are one of my pet hates, by the way! 

Clear plastic shelf dividers or under-shelf hanging baskets are great for generating separation & more space. Using the inside of your wardrobe doors could be a good use to hang and display (costume) jewellery.





Learn more about the services Victoria offers on her website, Surrey Decluttering. 

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