Fashion fit for Royalty at Royal Ascot

Every year, in June, tens of thousands of people meet in Surrey for the famous horse race event, Royal Ascot. Out of that huge amount of people, there are the  fashionistas who are ready to show off their personality and style. And boy do they do that. 

From the beautiful dresses to the crazy hats, Royal Ascot really is the place to show off your sense of style. 

As lovely as it is to see all the amazing outfits, we wonder how much of it was bought purely for that one occasion, never to be worn again?

Royal Ascot organisers released their style guide back in March encouraging racegoers to "raid Grandma's hat box and scour charity shops"  when selecting something to wear.  So, how many people did just that?

Preloved Princess

Well the royals were onboard with the idea, with Princess Anne re-wearing a blue, A line pleated dress that she wore back in 1978. This time, she teamed it with a white jacket and we think it looks just as good now as it did 45 years ago. 
Well done Princess Anne!

Did you visit Royal Ascot this year? If so, what did you wear and was it bought for that one occasion or was it something you've worn before? Let us know in the comments below!

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